TradeStars takes Fantasy Sports to a next level providing users with an exciting alternative to the traditional Fantasy / Betting markets.
Our vision is disruptive: We are creating the First Decentralized Fantasy Stocks Decentralized Trading Market that ever existed.
Blockchain technology provides decentralization and full transparency to the TradeStars Platform. User’s funds, fantasy stock prices, trade execution and athlete’s real performances are all entirely managed by Smart Contracts on the Ethereum and Matic Layer 2 Blockchains, providing users absolute certainty and reliability of what is happening real time with their holdings.
Being sports one of the world's economy drivers (+90 USD billion in 2017) and greatest human passion, we see there is a massive opportunity to gather sports fans, gamers and sport bettors in this revolutionary platform where they can socially interact and also compete against each other.
TradeStars Intro Video