Features on our development roadmap

Following the game adoption, our team will focus on the development of new platform features that will allow users to use their Smart Tokens, and TSX holdings in engaging and entertaining ways.

We also expect to develop various additional features based on topics proposed by the community, including but not limited to:

  1. Alliances with Professional Leagues & Players

  2. Verified Profiles and Special Collections of distinguish sports icons / teams.

  3. Derivatives Gamification features (Loans, Auctions, etc)

  4. More gamification and social competition features. Such as creation of leaderboards to influence further the TSX yield rate perceived or competing agains other users in different fantasy tournaments.

Bidding or Selling Fractional NFT markets

Fractional NFT markets (ERC-721) could be bid by any user once unlocked. The owner of the market could also set a minimum price at which the transaction, if there’s a bid meeting the price, will be executed in an automated way.

Creating Fractional NFT Collections

Collection markets would represent a group two or more Fractional NFT markets. (thus representing a team of tokenized real-life stats) other users are able to buy and trade Smart Tokens of these collections.

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